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best outdoor basketballLooking for the best outdoor basketball or the best basketball is not simple. There are several kinds of best outdoor basketballs available in the industry and it is tough to differentiate. For beginners, many people do not even understand the distinction between a good outdoor basketball and indoor basketball, which is usually on the tag when you buy a basketball.

The important features that customers expect in the best basketball ball are durability, bounce, and ergonomics. A perfect example is the Spalding NBA Zi/o excel indoor outdoor composite basketball. In most cases, indoor basketballs are costly compared to best outdoor basketball since they have an improved overall construction. They use high-quality materials, the bounce is usually consistent and rarely goes flat, and the ergonomics are solid.

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Top Outdoor Basketball Comparison Chart

small basketball
  • Spalding NBA Indoor/Outdoor Replica Game Ball
  • Rating: 4.6
  • Material: Rubber
  • Size: 7
best basketball
  • Spalding NBA Street Basketball
  • Rating: 4.3
  • Material: Rubber
  • Size: 7
Under Armour 495
  • Under Armour 495 Indoor/Outdoor Basketball
  • Rating: 4.3
  • Material: UA GRIPSKIN Composite & 80-Percent Nylon Windings
  • Size: 5, 6, & 7
Molten GM7 Official Basketball
  • Molten GM7 Official Basketball
  • Rating: 4.4
  • Material: Synthetic cover & Butyl bladder
  • Size: 5, 6, & 7

*All ratings mentioned above are at the time of publishing.

Introduction To The Best Basketball

Indoor basketballs are utilized in expert options and frequently have to be damaged in. Even though an indoor basketball is mainly created for use on a hardwood ground, the best basketball for outdoor is designed to withstand harsh surfaces. While you do not need to utilize the top indoor basketball strictly for indoor sports, it is suggested that you carry out, therefore, to increase the lifetime of the best basketball. We think the best outdoor basketball court surface is hardwood ground.

The first-rate outside basketball could also be utilized in an inside setting. However, it is far better to make use of basketball which was created specifically for hardwood surface. In case, you are thinking about buying a best outdoor basketball backboard, best outdoor basketball shoes, best outdoor basketball shoes for kids, or best outdoor basketball hoop, please go through our comprehensive outdoor basketball reviews. Note this article does not cover the best outdoor basketball sneakers or other basketball stuff but, there are separate articles for all them.

Reviews of The Five Best Outdoor Basketballs

If you do not know which is the best basketball to buy go through the detailed reviews below. We start with the Spalding basketball since it is one of the best basketball for concrete and hardwood surfaces.

1. Spalding NBA Street Basketball


best basketballSpalding is among the market leaders in the field of sporting equipment therefore, it is no wonder that their best-selling NBA Street model performed fine in test plays. This is a very sturdy ball which features a dense rubber coating to make sure it lasts through several hours of the outdoor game. With additional broad channels, you will benefit convenient grip and it even has the NBA official logo, that is a good signature touch. Probably the top things of Spalding models are the cost. You will be challenged to discover a product of identical quality at an inexpensive price tag.


The first important benefit is the cost factor. For less than $15, you could play similar to the professionals with this ball! We also like the approach this basketball experiences at your fingertips. It consists of a good rubberized grip which is convenient even in case you are actively playing for very long periods of the occasion. It is simple to inflate as well as sturdy, therefore, you could assume several months or perhaps years of outside game with this model prior to you need to get a substitution.


There are little drawbacks for this ball. The only problem is which the bounce is a little too much for a few users. In case, you regularly play with an indoor ball, there can be a learning process for making use of the Spalding basketball. Nevertheless, once you have fine-tuned to the variations, it is your shot to dunk for all outside events.

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2. Spalding Replica Game Basketball


small basketballIt is another wise choice from Spalding’s series of balls. In contrast to the NBA Street version, this choice is ideal in case you prefer to play both outdoors and indoors. It changes nicely and stands up to all types of training grounds. If you are searching for design, this is your best since it seems similar to the standard National basketball association game ball. In a hand and hand comparison with some other outdoor models, there a few variations which we observed, however, most of those are good. Overall, this is one of the best options if you want to buy basketball with affordable price.


The Spalding NBA outdoor/indoor replica ball was among our choices when it comes to ease of use. It includes a very smooth composite leather coating, that you often only see on indoor balls. However, even with the smooth leather, it stands up effectively to outdoors play. It offers great control and grip and definitely, we liked the channel style which is distinctive to the official NBA sports balls.


While this best basketball has many excellent characteristics, it does include one problem. The gentle composite leather material will certainly wear out quicker than rubber in case you are mainly playing outside. Logically, you will often receive a minimum of two years from this model even in case you are only playing outdoor regularly as well as for the cost, that is yet a pretty great deal.

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3. Under Armour 495

Under Armour 495If you truly care about high-quality, you are going to like the Under Armour basketball model. It is really tails and heads above rival styles because of the GripSkin composite kind material. The ball simply feels extraordinary at your fingertips as well as it gives the finest grip of any outside ball we used. The GripSkin concept also enhances ball management therefore, you will see a variation in your passing and shooting. The nylon material windings improve sturdiness and also the butyl bladder ensure that this holds air even if you are actively playing on tough surface types.


The top function of the Under Armour ball is the GripSkin as mentioned earlier. Users with smaller palm say it is quicker to handle compared to alternative options. The pebbling certainly improves the level of comfort. We also felt this model did well in air preservation, probably because of the 100 percentage butyl bladder material. Despite days of play, it yet offers good bounce!


Although this best basketball ball is technically designed for both outdoor and indoor play, there are some possible issues when you utilize it mainly outdoor. The GripSkin section that causes the ball very comfy is a double-edged sword since it also creates it more vulnerable to collecting dust and dirt. Some customers have reported that the outer does not withstand to constant outside play and also it displays tear and wear much quicker compared to alternative choices. In general, it could often be the top selection in case you were about to just play outside in your free time.

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4. Molten GM7 Official Basketball

Molten GM7 Official BasketballYou may be surprised to find out that the Molten product listed on our best indoor outdoor basketball review since it is not among the important manufacturers we often recommend in our best basketball suggestions. Although Molten is not a well-known company in the US, it is regarded as finest of the series in other nations and this is the perfect option in worldwide events and also in the prestigious Olympics. This model will withstand both outdoor and indoor play, however, we concentrated our focus on how it did on tough outdoors areas.


The GM7 gives among the finest grips we have ever felt from an outside ball. It features a good tacky experience with well-inserted grooves which offer you exceptional ball management. It was simple to hold this model and it could be an excellent suit even for users with smaller palms. This model is created with a somewhat unique appearance compared to other alternative choices. As opposed to the common eight-panel style you notice from default best outdoor basketballs, there are additional panels given cheers to a yellow color band. It certainly creates a visible variation in the way ball senses and we liked it.


The only concern to the GM7 outdoor ball is which it does not preserve air as much as a few other options. It was not an important issue, however, we did need to add some fast pumps of fresh air occasionally to ensure the perfect bounce. On the big picture, it was a small investment to spare for other than that perfect small basketball.

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5. Under Armour 395

Under Armour 395 Outdoor BallFinal, however, not least in this list of the finest five outdoor basketball products we introduce the all-new Under Armour 395 model. It is a basketball which in several ways are quite identical to the Under Armour model reviewed above we listed in number three spot. The main variation is which it is a compact size, therefore, it is a good selection for youth, women, or possibly average players. Along with an exclusive composite leather coating, this best outdoor basketball can endure plenty of misuse in outside play.


Similar to the 495 basketball, this model also features a special GripSkin covering. It gives a convenient grip which is ideal for users with smaller palms which are operating on ball management. Whether you are shooting, passing, or even dribbling, this ball simply feels good and do well. It consists of a bladder designed from 100% percent butyl material. That suggests it will truly trap air for much longer compared to other best outdoor basketballs. This 395 model is a wise selection for any user who needs compact dimension with a proper grip.


Although Under Armour dedicates the 395 model for outside use, the GripSkin material does have a tendency to get dusty. As debris and dust collect to the pebbling area, the ball grip will get slim, therefore, be ready to wash it frequently. Some customers complain that it displays a lot tear and wear after some months of constant outside play, however, in case you take care of it appropriately, it should not be an issue.

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Buyer’s Guide To The Best Outdoor Basketball

Should it matter whether or not you make use of an outdoor or indoor basketball? The simple reply is yes. Even though numerous basketballs could be employed in either area, there are certainly distinctions in how these are designed which can cause a huge impact on how you do on the court surface. Indoor models are created to handle balanced situations while an outdoor model is sturdy enough to withstand harder courts.

The top outdoor basketball will face hard surfaces. Therefore, you could dunk hoops on asphalt, concrete, or even dust. Generally speaking, you can make use of an outdoor basketball indoor (just clean it off initially!). However, it is recommended not to employ an inside basketball for outdoor play.

If you are looking for the first-rate outdoor basketball, you have lots of choices to select. All of the finest manufacturers give their personal quality to the outdoor product. However, they each include a few advantages and disadvantages. After checking many models to notice what withstand most on the court surface, listed above are the perfect five basketball reviews that we suggest if you are wondering where to buy a basketball. Although the best outdoor basketball Reddit site can offer you some information it is recommended that you use our site as a guide for your decision-making.

The Bottom Line: Best Outdoor Basketball

Overall, you have looked at five different products that we believe make up a few of the top options you could take a look. Those are the best indoor outdoor basketball review for you. However, we understand there are many other models. We could suggest that you check out these since we had to undertake much exploration to shortlist them. Consider what you may be utilizing yours for, what kind of activity you often do, how much cash want to spare, and what you need your ball to seem like. After you have that within your brain, go through the above ball and best outdoor basketball hoop reviews, and you could arrive at a solution on which item will suit ideal for your scenario and you.

When actively playing basketball, the kind of ball you own is likely to break or make your sport. In case, you need to participate at a professional level; you have to own high-quality product. The option depends on you. However, we could feel you have to be the finest, therefore, play along with the top big or small basketball. All the best on your selection and let us know in the comments section about what best outdoor basketball 2015 – 2016 you end up buying.

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